Easy Accounting Software
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iPlan works with Xero Accounting to provide state of the art online accounting software for its clients.

This software makes running your business child’s play. It brings you and your accountant together on one shared space avoiding the confusion of unnecessary spreadsheets, documents, receipt filing and emails. It allows us to provide you real time support.


We offer a discounted price for this service – our fee quoted includes standard Xero accounting online package.


Xero Accounting combines everything you need in one space:

  • Dashboard – shows all your bank balances, sales and order pipeline in one place
  • It integrates with major online banks and paypal to give you up to date banking position
  • Create, send and track sales invoices from your mobile on the go
  • Receive supplier invoices electronically direct into your account
  • Multi currency accounting facility available (extra charges may apply)
  • 24 hour online support